Hard Surface Cleaners

Description (Click for further details) Price (Exc VAT) Unit
Image for 326/20 Virosol ,Citrus Based Cleaner And Degreaser(20ltr.) 326/20 £40.94 20ltr.
Image for 326/5 Virosol ,Citrus Based Cleaner And Degreaser(2x5ltr.) 326/5 £20.49 Case2
Image for 520 Daily Poolside Cleaner/ Maintainer (2x5ltr.) 520 £21.25 Case
Image for 319 Sola-Bac,Heavy Duty Bactericidal Cleaner (4x5Ltr.) 319 £38.25 Case
Image for 327 High Foam Cleaner And Sanitiser (25ltr) 327 £37.25 Each
Image for 506 Concentrated Poolside Cleaner/ Descaler (2x5ltr.) 506 £23.90 Case
Image for 602 Autogloss Vinyl,Rubber & Bumper Dressing (5ltr.) 602 £20.00 Each
Image for 808/5 Ultrafresh,Perfumed Cleaner & Disinfectant.(2x5ltr.) 808/5 £17.55 Case
Image for AW/1 Extra Strength Acidic Cleaner (12x1ltr.) AW/1 £38.72 Each
Image for AW/5 Extra Strength Acidic Cleaner (2x5ltr.) AW/5 £21.22 Each
Image for C20 Nu-Cleaner Sanitiser,Food Area Cleaner/Sanitiser (2x5ltr.) C20 £23.50 Case2
Image for C60 Nu-Cream,Cream Cleaner,Lemon Fragrance. (12x500ml.) C60 £16.93 Each
Image for F104 Amphoclen ,Heavy Duty Bactericidal Cleaner (2x5ltr.) F104 £25.50 Case2
Image for F14L Nu-Power, Industrial Maintenance Cleaner (2x5ltr.) F14L £17.00 Case2
Image for F52 Heavy Duty Degreaser,Powerful Degreaser Concentrate(2x5ltr.) F52 £19.88 Case2
Image for GERMC4 Avmor Germalin,Cleaner Degreaser Disinfectant(4x4ltr) GERMC4 £62.42 Each
Image for LEMC4 Avmor Leminee 23,Cleaner, Disinfectant (4x4ltr) LEMC4 £71.10 Each
Image for NC/5 Nu-Cleanse,All Round Cleaning Concentrate(2x5ltr) NC/5 £14.62 Case2
Image for OS750 Citrus-Based Cleaner/Degreaser R.T.U (6x750ml.) OS750 £20.60 Pack6
Image for T01 Spray & Wipe,Bactericidal Perfumed Cleaner(6x750ml.) T01 £20.91 Pack6
Image for T03 Kitchen Area Bactericidal Cleaner(6x750ml.Trigger Spray) T03 £19.98 Pack6
Image for T25 Spray & Wipe, With Bleach (6x750ml.Trigger Sprays) T25 £19.27 Pack6
Image for T66 Selgiene Ultra,Bactericidal Perfumed Sanitiser(6x750ml.) T66 £21.14 Pack6
Image for TD9 Avmor TD-9 Cleaner,Degreaser (R.T.U) (12x946ml.) TD9 £46.60 Case
Image for TFR Powerwash,Traffic Film Remover Concentrate (25ltr.) TFR £37.66 Each
Image for VWW Vehicle Wash And Wax (2x5ltr.) VWW £19.36 Case
Image for ETSD200 Surface Disinfectant Sanitiser Wipes(6x200 Wipes) ETSD200 £41.46 Each
Image for 991 Degreaser, Super Concentrate UB10 (4x2ltr.) 991 £51.40 Case
Image for 992 Sanitiser, Super Concentrate UB20 (4x2ltr.) 992 £51.40 Case
Image for 995 Multi-Surface Cleaner, Super Concentrate UB50(4x2ltr.) 995 £51.23 Case


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