Floor Care Products

Description (Click for further details) Price (Exc VAT) Unit
Image for 104 Polymer Floor Maintainer Concentrate Mop/Spray (2x5ltr) 104 £17.88 Case2
Image for 710 Grease,Oil And Wax Remover (2x5ltr.) 710 £32.33 Each
Image for 729 Floor Paint (Grey) (5ltr.) 729 £51.15 Each
Image for 730 Floor Paint (Red) (5ltr.) 730 £51.15 Each
Image for 731 Clear Varnish Floor Sealant (5lt) 731 £44.25 Each
Image for 996 Floor Maintainer, Super Concentrate UB60 (4x2ltr.) 996 £51.40 Case
Image for 999 Polish Stripper, Super Concentrate UB90 (4x2ltr.) 999 £51.00 Case
Image for A02 Selstat, Antistatic High Solids Floor Polish (4x5ltr.) A02 £109.23 Each
Image for A04 Stoneglo, Marble and Terrazzo Polish (4x5ltr.) A04 £61.10 Each
Image for AC/5 "Altro" Concentrated Floor Cleaner (2x5ltr.) AC/5 £27.05 Case2
Image for ACRAC4 Avmor Acra-Lok, Acrylic Sealer Floor Finish(4x4ltr.) ACRAC4 £133.94 Each
Image for BSC4 Avmor Buffalo Shine, Floor Cleaner & Maintainer (4x4lt) BSC4 £54.01 Each
Image for C06 Stonebrite,Neutral Terrazzo Floor Cleaner (4x5ltr.) C06 £34.10 Each
Image for DAZC4 Avmor Dazzler,"Ultra Wet Look" Floor Finish (4x4ltr.) DAZC4 £92.12 Each
Image for DISTC4 Avmor Distance,U.H.S. Hard Acrylic Floor Finish (4x4ltr.) DISTC4 £97.76 Each
Image for F176 Neutral Scrubber/Dryer Detergent (2x5ltr.) F176 £15.16 Case2
Image for F181/5 Triple Strength Scrubber Drier Detergent(2x5ltr.) F181/5 £21.73 Case2
Image for GLOC6 Avmor Glo-Seal, Urethane Gym Floor Finish (6x3.8ltr) GLOC6 £298.58 Each
Image for LC/5 Laminate Floor Cleaner. (2x5ltr.) LC/5 £21.48 Case2
Image for LFG Lemon Floor Gel (2 x 5ltr) LFG £19.89 Case2
Image for LOKC4 Avmor Lokseal, Acrylic Floor Sealer (4x4ltr.) LOKC4 £64.50 Each
Image for PFG Nu-Pine Floor Gel (2 x 5ltr) PFG £15.70 Case2
Image for ROTC4 Avmor Rotex,Concentrated Neutral Floor Cleaner (4x4ltr) ROTC4 £52.45 Each
Image for SOLC4 Avmor Solnet,Floor Cleaner And Deodorizer (4x4ltr) SOLC4 £39.54 Each
Image for THERC4 Avmor Thermothane,Urethane- Fortified Floor Sealer (4x4lt) THERC4 £189.45 Each
Image for VIPC4 Avmor Viper,Activated Heavy Duty Stripper (4x4ltr.) VIPC4 £111.55 Each
Image for ZIPC4 Avmor Zip-Strip,High Powered Low Odour Stripper (4x4ltr.) ZIPC4 £67.07 Each
Image for B027 Minit Gloss Instant Clean & Shine Floor Polish (2x5ltr) B027 £30.84 Case2


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