Cloths,Dusters & Microfibre

If you are looking for a washable microfibre cloth or a lightweight disposable, we have a wide range of cloths that will suit your needs

Description (Click for further details) Price (Exc VAT) Unit
Image for PH0730 Oven Gloves, Double Sided Pocket, 7"x30" (10) PH0730 £25.50 Pack10
Image for PO1930 Oven Cloths,19"x30" (10) PO1930 £29.94 Pack10
Image for SC1412B Stockinette Cloths, 14"x12" approx.Blue Edge. (10) SC1412B £3.79 Pack10
Image for SC1412G Stockinette Cloths, 14"x12" approx.Green Edge. (10) SC1412G £3.79 Pack10
Image for SC1412R Stockinette Cloths, 14"x12" approx.Red Edge. (10) SC1412R £3.79 Pack10
Image for SR800 Stockinette Roll (Bleached) (800 grams) SR800 £9.96 Each
Image for TL2030B Glass Cloths (Linen Union) 20"x30" Blue Edge (10) TL2030B £38.99 Pack10
Image for TL2030G Glass Cloths (Linen Union) 20"x30" Green Edge (10) TL2030G £38.99 Pack10
Image for TU1828 Tea Towel (Rice Weave) 18"x28" (10) TU1828 £12.63 Pack10
Image for YD2016 Yellow Dusters,Standard Quality, 20"x16"approx.(10) YD2016 £3.80 Pack10
Image for MF40MDB Microfibre Cloths,Medium Duty, 40cm.x40cm.Blue (10) MF40MDB £15.70 Pack10
Image for MF40MDG Microfibre Cloths,Medium Duty, 40cm.x40cm.Green (10) MF40MDG £15.70 Pack10
Image for MF40MDR Microfibre Cloths,Medium Duty, 40cm.x40cm.Red (10) MF40MDR £15.70 Pack10
Image for MF40MDY Microfibre Cloths,Medium Duty, 40cm.x40cm.Yellow (10) MF40MDY £15.70 Pack10


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