Brooms & Accessories

We offer a complete range of brushware and accessories. From outdoor yard brooms to soft indoor sweeping brooms. We also include foam floor water squeegees invarious sizes and litter picking equipment. All broom heads can be bought on thier own or with a fitted handle and or stay.

Description (Click for further details) Price (Exc VAT) Unit
Image for 17P 12" Black Fibre Broom + Tap-In Handle Socket. 17P £3.94 Each
Image for C572HODRYSH Floor Scraper Handle And Holder Only.(No Blade) C572HODRYSH £15.51 Each
Image for C80RSC Large Scraper Replacement Blade(Stone/Ceramic Surface) C80RSC £2.85 Each
Image for C81RWV Scraper Blade For Large Scraper(Wood/Vinyl Surface) C81RWV £3.90 Each
Image for FHS 5'x11/8" Handle & STYS2 Stay Fitted (18",24",36" Brooms) FHS £4.96 Each
Image for NN90 Unger Pro Litter Picker, 38". NN90 £28.52 Each
Image for NT090 Unger Trigger Grip Litter Picker,36". NT090 £21.83 Each
Image for WWDLAS Deluxe Wash Up Brush (48) WWDLAS £35.71 Each
Image for FA48/1 4'x 15/16" Fitted Broom/Mop Handle. FA48/1 £2.42 Each


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