Air Fresheners/Deodoriser

We stock domestic type 400ml aerosol sprays, trigger spray 750ml air fresheners or a programmable wall-mounted unit that takes an aerosol refill available in 9 different fragrances. For commercial purposes we carry stock of liquid deodorising products.

Description (Click for further details) Price (Exc VAT) Unit
Image for AMDIS-1W Micro Airoma Automatic Aerosol Dispenser-White. AMDIS-1W £42.33 Each
Image for E09 Selchem DKS "Pear Drops"Odour Control Deodoriser. (2x5ltr) E09 £16.16 Case2
Image for FREC4 Avmor Fresh & Fragrant,Liquid Deodorant (Ban-O)(4x4ltr.) FREC4 £110.43 Case4
Image for MC1 Micro Clean, Biological Stain And Odour Remover (12x1ltr.) MC1 £62.04 Each
Image for T15 Pot Pourri Airfreshener (6x750ml.Trigger Spray) T15 £18.30 Pack6
Image for VBAT1400 MN1400 Duracell Alkaline Battery (Airoma Dispenser) VBAT1400 £1.92 Each


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